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ISO 22000 for safe food supply chains

Yushmakam is a professionally managed consultancy firm providing ISO 22000 Consultancy services.
We believe that an ISO accreditation is not merely a certificate which can be used for marketing but must usher in those positive developments in your organization, which should help you in accumulating delighted customers by continually enhancing the credibility & desirability of your products and services. Hence, our area of operation will be holistic with an agenda of improving your business from the core.
The most important aspect of our ISO 22000 consultancy will be the “Gap Analysis”. Here, we shall study your systems and processes and evaluate each of them on various parameters to ascertain the Hazard and Risk. We recommend various system and physical modifications, which will ensure that all your processes are Hazard and Risk-free, thereby making your product/deliverables safe at all times.
After we complete our consultation, you will have an organization which has an increased operational efficiency, proper well-defined plan for future development & quality enhancement, a superior documentation & traceability of all activities in your organization and a very consistent process system. This will invariably translate to Delighted Customers, thereby, creating a competitive edge for yourself within your industry. Our recommendations will facilitate delivery of credible products & services. It will also make your operation simple & system driven. All of these are essential to achieving greatness in your chosen industry.
Our process will begin with an interaction with your team (including your Management Representative). Our Consultancy Protocol will also include (apart from the above mentioned “Gap Analysis”) identification and creation of documentation requirements, Training of your staff and management, Management Review Meeting, internal audit & internal audit training and finally facilitation of a certification audit by the certifying body. The total time required will be 90 days, which will include about 7 to 10 days of on onsite activities.

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