Our In-House Training Program

Due to popular demand we have designed "5" In-House Training Program, They are:

  • To develop knowledge about implementing good hygiene practices / food safety system in the food business.
  • To bring to use international best practices and lessons learned, in order to provide a unique, evidence-based, world-leading program that aims to directly improve food safety practices.
  • Participants will be able to understand the basics of Good Manufacturing Practice in the food industry, the legal regulations and guidelines.
  • Enable participants to have the confidence to outline the main GMP requirements related to premises, storage facilities and personnel.
  • Familiarize participants with the principles of the GMP quality system and the important procedures when dealing with complaints and recalls.
  • Assist food businesses understand and achieve the requirements of the Food Safety Standards.
  • Provide food handlers with the necessary skills and knowledge of food safety and hygiene matters relevant to their work activities.
  • Raise the level of compliance with food legislation throughout the food industry
  • Understand how HACCP principles are practically used in food and food related businesses in order to ensure effective food safety.
  • Be able to explain the need for a Hazard Analysis system, state the principles and terminology relating to HACCP, and relate HACCP principles to practical situations.
  • This training is designed for all persons employed in food and food related businesses who are directly or indirectly involved in implementing and maintaining HACCP.
  • To develop knowledge in implementing ISO 22000 / Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in the food business.
  • To establish pre-requisite programs to support FSMS.
  • To establish monitoring records to ensure that the system is going as planned.

Why get trained at Yushmakam ?

In Today’s Context, It is almost imperative that students are trained in HACCP.

  • At Yushmakam we also train students in HACCP Level 2 and Level 3, at par with the latest Industry Context.
  • We make the student eligible for the jobs.