What is the validity of my Certificate ?

This certificate is a qualification certificate and its validity is LIFELONG.

Which Certification body will give me a Course Certificate?

It will be provided by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), which is based out of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK.

What is the duration of the Training Program?

It take place for a maximum of 3 days, including half day for the exam.

How is this program useful to me ?

A certificate from a Reputed Certifying Body like, HABC and trained by a reputed organization like Yushmakam adds a lot of value to your resume and your technical competence. Hence, this course will help you in employment and in doing the job better.

What will be my most appropriate level of certification?

As a professional in Food Sciences / Hotel Management etc, with 0-3 years of experience, a Level 3 will be most appropriate.
As a student of Food Sciences / Hotel Management etc, a Level 2 will be most appropriate. However, a Level 3 is suggested if you are in your final year.

How much will it cost me?

The fee structure is different for students and for Professionals (out of college candidates). Please call our Toll free number 18991028037 for information.

What will be the structure of my training program?

For Level 2 it is two days which have lecture sessions and exercises. Last one hour of the final day for examination which a candidate will have to necessarily pass to quality for the level.
For level 3 it is three days which will have more of exercise sessions.Two hours of last day afternoon session is dedicated for examination which a candidate will have to necessarily qualify for this level.

Is there a participation Certification?

No. There is no participation certificate. A candidate will get a certificate only if she/he passes the examination.

How long will it take for me to get my certificate after I write my examination?

The papers will be evaluated in Dubai / London and the results will be declared in about 20 days. The certificates will be delivered to the registered address of individual candidates with 30 days.


What is ISO and how will it be useful to my organization ?

ISO is a Management System designed to bring in consistency in quality of all deliverables of your organization and it also provides for continual improvement, thereby creating an environment of excellence and quality upgradation of all Goods and Services delivered by your organization. It helps you identify your strength, weakness, creates opportunities and also mitigate threats. All these helps you to create a vibrant and responsive organization capable of delivering quality products and services. The bi-product of such an action is increased marketability of your goods & services and increased value realization from per unit of your Goods & Services.

Which type of organization is ideal for ISO Accreditation ?

ALL organization Can aspire to be an ISO organization, because, it’s the “right” of any organization to improve and maximize value for itself. However, it will be most appropriate for certain industries to pursue industry specific accreditation like ISO22000 (Food safety Management System) for Food Industry, ISO27000 (Information Security) for IT companies etc. These specific ISO will address industry specific requirements with a special focus on “Threats” and “Opportunities” for the given industry. ISO 9001 will however be the basic bedrock on which the entire edifice of ISO system will be established.

Is getting an ISO accreditation cumbersome ?

Setting up of your organization to be a reactive, continually responding organization requires certain level of self-realization, modification and re-orientation, the complexity of these activities will depend upon, how far away you have drifted from being a vibrant and sustaining organization. Hence, there cannot be a yard stick to define the cumbersome nature of the process that you will be embarking on. However, the only thing which can be assured is, after the process is completed, you will be an owner of a system which will be self correcting and capable of upgrading systems and process, all by itself, thereby, helping to evolve into an organization which will be more relevant in the market place.

Is getting an ISO Accreditation Expensive ?

The cost incurred are basically of two categories. The first one is the cost of consultancy, this will be for the time and effort invested by our consultants to set right your systems and processes. The total consultancy cost will be directly depended on this. The second cost is the cost of certification, which will have to be paid to the Certifying Body for conducting of an audit and certifying your organisation. This fees is charged by the certifying body based on the reputation of the Certifying Body and the type of accreditation (like UKAS, JAS-ANZ, NABCB etc). These details can be explained directly by us.

Are there any Government subsidies or support for implementation of ISO in my organization ?

There were substantial assistance from the government in the form of direct subsidies and refinance support. However, the Government has not initiated any new schemes in the recent past. If the government introduces any schemes in the future, our technical team shall apprise you about the same and get the benefits from the scheme if it is relevant to you (your industry, region etc).

Once we get the Accreditation, how long will it be valid ?

It will be valid for a period of 3 years. However, you will have to undertake surveillance audit every year to remain certified. This is to ensure that, you are following all the requirements of being a Quality Organization. After 3 years, it will be required to apply for recertification. However, the cost of re-certification is normally a fraction of the original certification cost, because, the consultancy cost for implementation will be very negligible.

Is there any threat of our “Trade Secrets” becoming public ?

No, never, the system will be created for your improvement and you will be custodian of your “Trade Secrets”. Moreover, we will be signing a No Disclosure Clause with you, which will be binding on us and we cannot discuss about any client with any other client.

Does the audit include financial audit ?

No, the audit conducted by our consultants or the certified Body’s consultant does not include “Financial” audit. The meaning of audit for our working is, audit of systems and processes.

Is ISO Mandatory ?

ISO 9001 is NOT Mandatory. However, FSSAI mandates that ALL Food enterprises must necessarily demonstrate a Food Safety System practiced by them. ISO 22000, will be a Food Safety System which will be most appropriate.

Turnkey Projects

I have a piece of land, will it be suitable for setting up of the farm / processing unit ?

There are Legal and Technical requirements for these projects. Legal requirements are like being compatible with Pollution Control Norms. Technical requirements like climatic condition, water availability terrain, accessibility etc. Our experts will be able to assess your land and ascertain its suitability.

Will I get a Financial assistance to establish my Farm / Processing Center ?

Most of the Banks will be very happy to support you. For this, you will have to submit a Detailed Project Report and must be also prepared to furnish a Collateral Security which will be roughly 1.3 times the loan solicited. Our experts can make a Detailed Project Report, which will be acceptable to the Financing Institution (Bank).

What will be the time required to set up a farm / processing unit ?

The initial activities like Land survey, Approval from Local Administration (panchayat/ municipality) and Clearances from Pollution Control Board will take about 4 months. During this period, we shall get the approval from the Bank for Finance. The Civil work could start from the fifth month and completed by the thirteenth month. The equipment installation and other finishing activities will require another three months. Hence, we can estimate that our Farm / Processing unit will be operation from the Seventeenth month from the date of initial survey of land.

Can I get the project done cheaper than what is quoted by Yushmakam ?

Cost of the project is depended on the “LEVEL” of technology used for machinery and quality of Civil work adopted. Hence, it’s your requirement and aspiration which will determine the cost. Hence, the cost is not escalated or reduced by Yushmakam.

Can I get subsidies or grant for these projects ?

The Government used to extend a lot of support by way of subsidies and refinancing (through NABARD, RKVY etc). However, recent Government policies do not support these. Nevertheless, the government comes up with proposals for these once or twice in a year. Our experts are in constant touch with the concerned department to enable our clientsget the maximum benefit.

Where can I sell my produce from my farm / processing center ?

The Detailed Project report will give a good idea of the markets. However, Yushmakam can undertake marketing consultancy and help the client to market its products, if desired by the client.