Food Safety in India: Importance, Safety standard and more...


India is a culturally diversified country and that diversificationis highly noticeable in the large variety of cuisines available here. Thoughsome of these food items namely hotel food, packaged food, street food, etc.might be good for our taste buds, as consumers we are never sure about their quality and hygiene standards. Food Safety is one of the primary areas thatneed attention in a developing country like India. To be more precise, foodsafety is an important health priority for any country and is vital for theeconomic growth of the country.

The topic of food safety has always been on the passive minds ofIndian consumers but they started focusing more on those aspects after acontroversy about non-adherence of food safety standards by an FMCGmultinational. In India, the food processing industry holds enormous potentialbut it can only be unearthed if the food safety standards are enforced in thecountry. This brings us to the regulatory aspects around it.

Food Laws and Regulations

A number of steps and measures have been taken to protectconsumers against the intake of unhealthy/unsafe food items. Food Safety andStandards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous organization that isestablished under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government ofIndia. FSSAI was formed under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 in orderto cater to food safety and regulation in India. The FSSAI is a single pointcontact for all the matters related to food safety.

All the earlier laws, rules and regulations related to foodmatters are now covered under FSSAI. However, there has been news that thesafety and standardization of food is a neglected area and the healthdepartment has communicated to the regulator to focus more on those aspects. There is a pressing needfor following a systematic approach to food safety, requirement that isfulfilled by Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP is an internationally recognized system that helps identify potentialrisk of safety hazards in food and control them. It is an approach to foodsafety from various hazards - chemical, biological and physical. The mostinteresting aspect about HACCP is that it can be applied at various stages of afood chain, be it production, packaging, distribution, etc.

HACCP has gained significant prominence over a period of time andit is now applied to industries outside the food vertical e.g. cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Training on Food Safety

As you have seen so far, there has been an evolution of foodsafety standards and consumers (as well as companies) need to be aware of them.We, at Yushmakam offer comprehensivetraining around food safety, standards, certifications, HACCP, etc. Whether youare exploring a career in food auditing or planning to get required safetycertifications for your organization or want to understand various aspects,etc. this course might interest you. Further details would be shared insubsequent blogs, stay tuned for the same!