The Importance of HACCP Certification

Why Do Students Need HACCP Certification?

The best word to explain the need for HACCP Certification is “PREPARATION.” The HACCP training course will give you the necessary information to be able to handle many of the typical situations that may arise in any aspect of Food handling.

The best reason for undergoing a HACCP Program, even if it isn’t required by law or your establishment is, it gives you information that can be used both at work and in your everyday life to help ensure safety and quality of food being served/ manufactured/consumed. The risk of foodborne illness, or food poisoning, would be significantly reduced if everyone understood the basics of a HACCP certification course. This is beside the point that, as a LEVEL 2 / LEVEL 3 HACCP Certificate holder, your Employer will now look at you with an entirely new perspective.

Why will the companies who look at your resume feel very POSITIVE about you…Because

  • You have a clear understanding of a preventative approach to food safety.
  • You can help identify process improvements & reduce customer complaints.
  • You can reduce the need for end-product testing and thereby the cost of end product testing.
  • With this qualification, you are aware of Food Safety Management Systems.
  • You can help provide evidence of due diligence & reduce the likelihood of product recall & adverse publicity.
  • You can enhance customer satisfaction and reduce dissatisfaction.
  • You can facilitate a better understanding of food packaging safety issues throughout the organization.
  • You can bring in a Food Safety Culture in the organization.
  • You will also be able to bring about a clear, auditable, global standard and provide a framework to bring together all parts of your Food Safety Management System (FSMS).
  • Your certification Demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • You are capable of testing compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and your own systems through internal audits and management reviews.
  • You will Improve internal and external communications.
  • Hiring you will Improve their organization’s image.
  • You can build a strong Pre – Requisite Programme and increase the effectiveness of FSMS.
  • You understand the importance of regular testing of data integrity/lot recall programs and process audits.

Hence, it makes a lot of sense to get qualified in HACCP and pursue your dreams in Food Industry with an affirmative intent. This certificate is a qualification certificate and its validity is LIFELONG. It will be provided by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), which is based out of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.