Turnkey Project


Agence nationale pour les etudes et le sulvi des projects


Business Opportunity

Design, construction, installation and commissioning of: 30000 LPD UHT milk, 9000 Ltrs pasteurized milk, 2000 Ltrs Yogurt & 10000 Ltrs of Curd & Butter production unit.

Scope & Background



Mauritania, North-West Africa

Infrastructure Support etc

Project Management Consultancy, Quality Control for the entire project. Areas included Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic control systems etc. Ensuring quality of equipment at the OEM and all other sources. Plant safety (From ElectricalMechanical Hazards)

Timelines(Start Date - End Date)

July-2015 to Feb-2017

Approx. Budget.

USD 13 million

Post Implementation Support

One Year Warranty for the working of the plant. Warranty against the Manufacturing defects and design defects.

Other Information

Client is very satisfied and have expressed their interest in recommending us for similar projects in that part of the world